Museum Spotlight

We are pleased to start showing you around our newly designed space!

Our three room schoolhouse, built in 1930 as Memorial School, now uses those three rooms a little differently. One of those large rooms now houses four display areas for museum artefacts, plus two ends which make shelving displays, and the walls are filled in too, with hundreds of pictures, tools, dishes, hats, devices for communication, weapons, documents, furniture, toys,… items that our ancestors used every day or only for special occasions.

This showcase backs the Bedroom and Parlour display. The room has remained the soft green that has been on the walls for decades, and it has never looked better!

You can check in here on Tuesdays to see some of our favourite pieces and how relevant some of these items really are in today’s world! There are lots of interesting artefacts here that have a story to tell and lessons to teach.

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