At The REACH, you’ll find a community museum, a contemporary art gallery, a series of showcases where you can meet artisans while they are making/selling their craft, and an archive of information to help descendants of this place research their family tree roots.

About our name: The Reach is the straight stretch of water between Swain’s Islands and Wesleyville, otherwise known as Swain’s Tickle.  Wesleyville is one of the eight communities that make up the municipality of New-Wes-Valley on the northern edge of Bonavista Bay on the island of Newfoundland, Canada.

We love the name, as it has the double meaning of reaching out to people as well as its definition as a waterway.  The REACH is a community led place to encourage and foster the growth of the arts, culture, heritage, and the understanding of the history of our community with a look to a bright future.

The REACH is for everyone: young and old, from near and afar, we want to welcome you to The REACH.

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  1. Like the name but I have lived in Wesleyville for 61 years …never heard of The Reach but it is nice to have the explanation included so people can relate…I like David Blackwood Museum and Studio…if he would donate some prints and have a Blackwood Room would be awesome…it certainly would be a must see for tourists…David grew up in Wesleyville and it would be wonderful to have him recognized as a world renowned artist…small cafe with berry muffins and tarts would be great…I would be interested in helping out if needed


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